Mephisto in Windows XP


  • 1.Download lastest version 0.7.3 Noh-Varr (Bug fixes) , and extract to any folder you want.
  • 2.Open public/install.html and install step by step.
  • 3.Upgrade Rails to the lastest version, this step need install SVN(svn-1.4.2-setup.exe) first.

    rake rails:freeze:edge

  • 4.Install timezone gem

    gem install tzinfo --remote

  • 5.Setup MySQL
    • create database mephisto
    • Change config/database.example.yml to database.yml
    • Change DB name and id/pw in database.yml
    • db:bootstrap RAILS_ENV=production (production, development or test)
  • 6.Start Web Server

    ruby script/server

  • 7.Login &setup

    id/pw: admin/test

  • 8.Enjoy
  • 官方安裝文件:


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